Friday, 10 May 2013

30 week update

Goodness gracious the 30 mark scares me a little! How mad it is to think we have got this far.  I've had lots more people notice i'm pregnant this week, especially when I turn to the front! Being in the third trimester has definitely seen the return of some of my first trimester issues; namely exhaustion, nausea and being put off food! Today I couldn't stomach a normal lunch and desperately craved sausage and mini waffles! Unfortunately facilities to meet such needs aren't available at work so I had to make do with a ridiculous amount of micro chips. 
 Also this week, I have struggled to function at all when I get in from work, it's pretty heartbreaking! Yesterday was particularly bad; I spent a while bending down and over either playing with Inara or looking for things that I had put in odd places which resulted in dizziness, nausea and the evening spent in bed/on the sofa without food! The last few days have also seen an increase in the alienesque movements.  She has always been quite the fidget but the movements have been getting stronger and weirder! This last week she has started to make my bump move in such odd ways, the only way I can describe it is like a ripple! Today in particular, she has been such a mover all over the shop!

My aches and pains have also been really quite bad this last week or so; i've pretty much ached literally from head to toe everyday.  It seems to be particularly bad if I either stand or sit for too long, as well as whenever I sleep.

Sleep has generally become a rather awful occurrence for me, which, for anyone that knows me, will know how devastating that is! I bloody love sleep! In between needing to go to the toilet and trying to get comfortable, I then have the problem of getting cramp in my calf and then getting a really intense ache in my back which then lasts all day.  I've tried cushions but it isn't really making much difference and then the cat wakes me up at 4am!

Mentally I haven't really got any better prepared in the last few weeks! I have had peaks of good days and bad days, although I am handling the bad days a lot better and don't think they are anything more than what any other pregnant woman experiences to be honest. 

At my last midwife appointment she took bloods for iron and the good olde lucozade test, neither of which I have had phone calls about so I shall assume everything is a okay.  Also at the last midwife appointment she said I had a trace of protein in my urine so we need to keep an eye on it at my next appointment.  Thankfully my blood pressure was normal so fingers crossed no signs of pre-eclampsia shall rear its ugly head!