Sunday, 8 June 2014

Personality and gusto

We 're nearing the 11 month mark of this little whirl wind of a lady landing into this world and her personality just explodes more each week!  It's funny how it was evident from very early that this lady was going to have a large personality and it really is apparent now;

 She loves cats: Poor Inara is usually found trying to back away from the kid now that she can move towards her at a rate of knots and then shouts in her face/pulls her hair etc.  Ophelia's Aunt and Uncle have kittens and they are not yet wise to this, thankfully they are fast so tend to run away! Watching her pure glee at seeing animals is just so great and fulfilling to watch, it really is clear to see why it is important for kids to grow up around animals.

 Inquizative nature/nosy: When she was merely weeks old I remember the midwife telling us she was unusually aware and awake for such a young baby, this continues to be the case.  She cannot get enough of her surroundings and now she is able to climb, stand, crawl and step she is really able to get her nose into anything and everything.  For this reason she generally prefers to be in the pram or carried by hand but today I tried her in the Ergo as a back carry and she was enthusiastic as she could look around more freely than the front carry allows.  

 Obsessions: I've noticed she can get quite obsessed with doing things and currently that seems to be opening and closing doors- I think this is quite common with babies though so it's hardly surprising!

 LOUD: She loves being loud and loud objects- current favourite toy being the drum, stick and maraccas.  She especially loves hammering the marracca on the floor at 5am and shrieking in glee-I bet our neighbours love her!
 Toothbrush lover: She has got a bit obsessed (See above!) with our electric toothbrushes, so much so that we actually have to put her in her highchair whilst we brush our teeth because she gets far too excited and snatches them out of our hands!

Attention seeker: This kid loves attention-I mean, I know all kids do but this one full on performs! Every morning (sometimes night!) we are greeted by the above view (but the smile is replaced with crying!) where she stands and shouts forever until we get up! She watches your reaction to every single thing- especially when she is doing something she thinks we might consider naughty.  For example today, she went to chuck all her rice cakes out of the packet and I said "Ophelia" in my firm voice- she looked around at me, gave a little smirk and carried on watching my reaction as she proceeded to turn the contents all over the floor.  I then said "no" and so she carried on and smiled! I of course have the discipline skills of a ferret and end up laughing-which i'm sure will not at all encourage this cheeky behaviour!

Vanity: She L.O.V.E.S cameras and it is slightly worrying because she now actually poses for photos! If anyone has a phone or camera God help them because she'll grab it out of your hand faster than you can say FLASH!

She loves cuddly toys: I think it's very likely that this, and her love for furry animals are connected because her... deminar towards them are very similar! She basically gets ridiculously overly excited, screams with glee, manhandles them (usually by their ears) and babbles in their face.  Poor Inara!

She hates hats: I have yet to work out if she actually hates hats or if she just thinks taking them off her head is a game?! Either way, without fail every time we put a hat on her head it barely lasts a few seconds before she yanks it off. That is unless we put it on backwards which delays the process as sometimes she seems to forget it is there! Either way, she finds it hysterical to get locked in this on/off battle- a bit like how HILARIOUS it is to drop things over and over again. 

She's a walking dustbin: Modjool date anyone?! She takes things out of my hand/off my plate/out of her bag before I realise- this resulted in a LOT of jelly all over the kitchen a few days ago as she decided she would "eat it" straight from the pot. 

She refuses to sit down in the bath: ANNOYING! 

So there is a little insight into some little factoids about our great Daughter.  :)