Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ophelia's favourite toys of the month: 11 months

Brio giraffe pull along: This was meant to be a Birthday present but she was ill and bored so I took pity on her and gave it to her! It was amazing to see her little face light up when she saw it! She has the most expressive face and inquisitive nature and she couldn't help but grab the giraffe to explore moving it's head and fiddling with his ears.  She particularly loved it when I pulled it backwards and fowards in front of her and she insisted in holding onto it whilst she led me around the house.  Jeez my heart melts! I love how well made this is and you can tell it can handle some ineitable bashing!

Wooden shape sorter

Wooden shape sorter: We currently have one like the above, I happened to pick it up from Asda SO long ago that I forgot about it and asked Lauren to pick up a house shaped one from Ikea! Oh well, you can never have too much organisation right?! Ophelia currently appears to mostly enjoy taking the lid off, bashing things (usually me) with it and attempting to put shapes through random holes.

 Cuddly toys: She still continues to be OBSESSED with anything cuddly! Apparently at the Nursery teddie picnic the other day she barely left the side of a giant bear! She has recently started to carry them around with her or hold them by their tail and bash them on things- it is rather endearing to watch, although I do wonder what she may do to the cat based on this!

Role playing games: She just loves using items to pretend; I often catch her reinacting things with her cuddly toys or bath toys and at nursery she loves the play kitchen so i'm definitely compiling a "wish lift" on her behalf- I think pretend play is SO crucial to good child development. 

Figure dolls: Ophelia appears to have adopted my Princess Bubblegum funko doll and loves putting her crown in her mouth and flinging her around!

So there we have it, the top 5 toys that my daughter loved when she was 11 months old.  I can't wait to see what she likes next month!

Which of their toys were your child's favourite at this age?