Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Outdoor sensory fun

I should probably start by saying, a few months ago my Mum and I took Ophelia to the beach and she did NOT like it. AT ALL.  She held her feet up when we put her on the ground in a very defiant manner, and her face was a not-so-pleasant-picture.

Last weekend, Callum and I fancied a stroll down to our local seafront and decided to try again.  This time was a success! (Thank.God).  Last Summer we used to spend every day strolling down that part of the beach and I like to think she recognised the smells, she got clearly excited as soon as she saw the sea! We carried her chariot (pram) down the pebbles to the sand and she was already desperate to walk.  She toddled around, picking up shells and pointing at the sea.

We then took her down to the waves, took off her socks and shoes and waited for the waves to roll in.  She was quite skeptical of the waves, being in them at least, but she loved watching them and watching Callum and I racing in and out of them.  She of course loved picking up the stones, feeling the texture in her hands and it of course wasn't long before they ended up in her mouth! She loved it when Callum or I made a shower of pebbles and banging them up against one another.

 Last time, she really hated the feeling of sand on her feet, especially when it stuck to them but this time she seemed to really love it! She spent a while brushing her hand up and  down her feet and then swishing her hands in the sand.

The next day we headed to our local park, she loves the swings but never really usually engages with much else except chasing other children around.  This time she again loved putting her hands in the sand pit (yuck!) and climbing up and down the slide.  What is it with children and insisting on climbing up the slide the wrong way?!

We then wandered around the green, looking at the trees, leaves and grass; just giving her the freedom to discover the world at her own pace.  It's no secret that this kid LOVES trees, whenever we walk past them she points and reaches to touch them! On this particular occasion she didn't get distracted chasing dogs to stroke them (!), but instead loved touching the grass and watching us throw it in the breeze.  She was so content just embracing being outdoors, it was so delightful to watch.

What fun have you been up to outdoors?