Thursday, 15 August 2013

Parenting highs and lows: 4 weeks in


  • After hours (or it feels like) of screaming, when you manage to calm her down.
  • Her peaceful face.
  • Looking down and seeing those beautiful big blue eyes staring up at me, priceless.
  • When she first started to become more alert.
  • When she started looking at us and would turn her eyes and head to wherever our voices come from.
  • Seeing her reach out for her toys. 
  • Learning how to pacify her better.
  • Days when she doesn't mind being changed or clothed.
  • Getting through poo explosions and mass sick ups.
  • Breastfeeding after parking up the car, but not panicking even though it made me even later to meet my friend!
  • The day she threw up in my bra on my way out the door!..
  • ..And proceeded to do a poo explosion!
  • The interrupted sleep..
  • ..or the nights of only getting one hour!
  • When she won't stop crying!!!
  • Sleep or lack thereof affecting my tolerance levels at times.
So you see, there have been more highs then lows  :) 


  1. ahh welcome to motherhood! it's so nice to have found a fellow blogging mummy. xx

  2. Sick in the bra? Delightful! Aiden used to reserve his projectiles for me (lovely)... I've had sick in and on every part of my body.
    But none of that matters when you look at the highs, do they? Xo