Tuesday, 17 September 2013

8 week update

Our little daughter turned eight weeks old on Sunday, madness!


  • When she smiled for the first time when she was nearly 5 weeks old-it was when we gave her a bath!
  • The more she adds noises to her vocabulary- we have OOOhs, UH, AH, LA, MA and these seem to be used to express either happiness or sadness, it's the cutest thing!
  •  Her love for tummy time! 
  • Her being comforted by us sometimes to stop her crying.
  • When I see her stare at her Dad and then when he looks at her, she does the biggest grin!
  • The way she grips onto things -e.g. my bra, her dad's tshirts, or friends' hair!
  • Her increasingly good head control-now when she lays on our chests she happily holds her head up and turns it to look around.

  • All of us getting a cold.
  • Poor Ophelia spent a lot of today (Tuesday 17th) sleeping to try get over cold but the plus side was that she wanted lots of cuddles.
  • THE leakage in Debenhams Cafe (Lauren and I seem to have bad luck at this place!) and then the baby changing room being engaged for HALF AN HOUR (!!).  So I spent that time in the corridor holding baby trying not to get poo on my hands whilst she just slept!

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