Friday, 22 November 2013

Book start

Upon going to our first weigh in at the "healthy clinic" children's centre (this week-oops!), we were asked if we had our "book start pack".  HUH?! Was my response as I had no idea what this was.  I was handed a purple folder which I swiftly put under the buggy, assuming it would mainly be a folder of vouchers and other trash.  When I got home I had a look through and much to my surprise it had books inside!

Book start is a scheme designed to help get pre school aged children interested in books from a young age including stories, rhyming and songs.  We have been reading to Ophelia since day one as we are both really keen readers, although she didn't pay much attention for the first month but she really loves looking at books already! We have some really tiny ones that were given to us- "I can..." share/say thank you etc and she stares at the pictures and laughs when I do stupid voices.    Anyway, I think this scheme is a really great idea for encouraging both children and adults to get involved. 

 Have you heard of this scheme? What do you think about it?


  1. In Scotland we have bookbug, which is essentially the same. Aiden loved his baby bookbug books, they were great - some have survived his constant chewing too!
    We got another one at his year old check up, which had older books (again, a massive hit!) and they also popped in some crayons and a drawing pad. Such a good idea, it gives EVERY child a chance to fall in love with reading! Xo

    1. Crayons and drawing pad?! Amazing! Ah yes, i've heard they do another one when they are a bit older! Love it! xx