Monday, 26 May 2014

1st birthday present ideas...

I'm not a believer in bothering much for children's first few birthdays; how many of you remember anything that happened before the age of ...12?! Okay, bit of an exageration but still! Having said that, there are a few things that I Ophelia really want need.  Top of that list; some form of teepee/tent hang out- I've seen a great educational one(she LOVES to read in the one at Nursery), a rocking animal, more books and a pull along.  There were a few other things (including a dollhouse) but its probably a good thing I've momentarily forgotten! When Ophelia has her own room, I'd love for it to be brightly coloured and I plan for the interior to compliment her cupboards and dressing table which were handed down to me by my Nan. They are a gorgeous rustic oak wood and have a woodland scene on them, I did think about having a woodland theme room but I think that'd be a bit much!

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