Monday, 18 February 2013

Bump update: Week 18

Since I passed into the second trimester, symptoms have been a lot better! The nausea has reduced from constantly to intermittently and the tiredness has lulled a bit.  About two weeks ago I caught a cold which then inevitably led to a cough, having asthma (and not taking inhalers) doesn't bode well for a cough, let alone when pregnant.  After a week of coughing so much I was straining my stomach and throwing up food, I decided I should probably see the doctor.  She was pretty concerned and said if it didn't improve over night I would have to go to hospital and go on a drip! Thankfully, she prescribed me inhalers and the difference they made was very rapid.  She did wonder if it was due to acid reflex associated with pregnancy and told me to keep an eye on it.  Otherwise, I have been relishing this trimester and really using my time wisely.  Although I cannot be anywhere near as productive as I am usually, I have become a pro pacer of doing things in short bursts, and am still managing to keep the flat vaguely in shape, which I am insanely proud about! I have noticed the belly growing quicker recently and my boobs have grown so much that my bras which were previous cups too big are now too small! I have also noticed my tights are just too tight now and really do get uncomfortable when wearing them.  I have yet to tell work yet, I'm going to tell them after the scan next week, although i'm slightly concerned they have an inkling already because people keep looking at my stomach (even when im wearing baggy things)! People have been so supportive and I really feel truely blessed to know such beautiful people.  Friends, including my male friend, have been  really great for advice (his daughter is nearly one) and support, and I can't wait to hang out with our kids together.  Other friends have  said they have things that I can have first refusal of and my mum has been amazing already.  I cannot tell you how lucky I feel! This in itself makes up for those times that I feel isolated or out of the loop, reminding me of the goodness of life.  What i've particularly liked about the afore mentioned people, is that they have not been condescending,nor have they spoke to me like the process is black or white for all of us, they have simply shared THEIR experience in a way that is difficult for most people to do.  


  1. It really is amazing how people surprise you isn't it! People we hardly see are offering things and helping us out in ways we never expected!
    People did keep harping on about how the middle trimester is the wonderful one but to be honest it hasnt felt like it for me! Glad you are still managing to do things though, i'm trying but being too tired mostly, but have noticed that eating less sugar and more veggies has helped! Got nothing planned from friday for a week so have got a big asda shop and lots of meals planned, hurrah!
    Still feel like a whale compared to you at 18 weeks!

  2. ohhhhh:( Maybe the third trimester will be good for you?! In fairness, I wrote this in a moment of utter calm, but really the new symptoms are annoying! Ive been getting headaches (and never get headaches), up til now I had thought it was my eyesight, but i think it's more than likely pregnancy related?! Sounds like you're managing your tiredness as best you can, especially with your plan! Im sure you didnt look like a whale, if you look back to your photo about the same time, I bet you dont look too dissimilar :) xxx

  3. The third trimester has been the best for me so far! Hope it is for you too!