Friday, 1 March 2013

Blue or Pink?!

Ever since we found out we were having a baby, we always knew we wanted, no, NEEDED to know the sex of the baby! I was certain the thing inside me was a girl but obviously we were counting down the days/weeks until the 20 week scan.  Every scan i've been nervous and or convinced it would no longer be in there, and this one was actually more nerve wrecking.  Thankfully, this sonographer was a lot better than the one we had the last two times and actually addressed me directly, talking slowly through everything we were seeing.  She described parts of the scan like looking through the layers of an onion, especially when checking the fluid in the cerebellum and that blood was flowing correctly through the heart.  It took about twenty minutes in total, we musta seen that beauty from every single angle! Thankfully, after a moment of prodding  the little thing opened it's legs, everything about this baby was there that should be and things weren't that shouldn't! This one, is missing a penis..... We're having a little girl!!!!!!!

 I'm actually really excited to be having a little girl!! Before now, I had mainly just been desperate for health and then both of us had been leaning more towards wanting a boy first.  However, on the day of the scan I woke up really verging more towards a girl! So now, Callum is going to be completely outnumbered, surrounded by three girls, we'll need a second bathroom, Inara already hogs it enough!

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