Sunday, 10 March 2013

21 week update

 At this stage, we have less time left of the pregnancy than the time that has passed! EEEK! I had my first stranger ask if I was pregnant the other day and I have noticed a sudden spurt of the belly this past week.  My new bras have been a God's send, they are two cup sizes bigger than my normal size and the width is still the same. I have found they make heaps of difference to my comfort throughout the day and there is still room for if the boobs continue to grow! The sciatica seems to come and go, although I continuously feel stiff whenever I wake up now.  The peeing through the night and regularity through the day seems to have increased in the last few days; today I had one cup of tea at my Mum's and I actually had to pee 10 times in the space of half an hour! I found it quite hilarious! This is the approach i'm trying to take with most of the "quirks" of pregnancy, because at the end of the day, nothing is worth upsetting yourself about! Pregnancy so far has taught me how I am stronger than I realise, and specifically that I appear to cope best with things when they just land on my doorstep ala surprise.  It seems to force me to find a way to cope, rather than my usual technique of worrying over things that may never happen! I hope I can take this forward post pregnancy, it really does affect my life so positively to my previous approach! Of course, things get tough and things go wrong and I don't cope all the time, but such is life and we all find a way through eventually.  Things are by no means easy or perfect for our little family, neither myself nor Callum are in the place physically, emotionally or financially that we would liked to have been when having children, however, life does not work out the way we want, it's the way we deal with the hand we are given that shapes us as individuals. 

Callum and I have still yet to buy anything for the child, however my Mother has already begun getting carried away! She called me whilst in Toys R Us with her Goddaughter the other day, squealing with delight at x y and z things! These are things she has bought so far...





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