Monday, 4 March 2013

Recent buys

Bra from Topshop, £18

Nursing bra Topshop, £20

Nightie, Topshop

For a few weeks now I have been walking around with my breasts basically not sitting in bra space! Thanks to my little girl, I seem to have outgrown the bras that were before too big! I don't really know how I tolerated it so long, possible because pay day was a long way off! Until now! I purchased the above two in sizes much above my usual sizing, in the vague (wishful) hope that they will last me through the rest of this baby growing process! HAH. One of them even has special nursing aspects to it...see...wishful! I'm fully aware I shall probably need to invest in yet more bras in probably a few months/weeks but lets cross this ever recurring theme as we cross it (again).  I have also found my usually very comfortable (in that they are my usual clothing of choice!) pjamas have become too much for my poor growing tum.  Upon touring the shops of dear Brighton, I was quite shocked at how awful that nightie selection was! So disgusting! I'm looking mainly at you Primark! Now, whilst I don't mind disgusting for the labour itself, for obvious reasons! I have to feel comfortable/like my day to day nightwear, seeing as I spend the majority of my time in it!

 I'll let you know how I get on!

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