Sunday, 3 March 2013

Outfit Of The Day

Last night I went out to a few pubs, probably for the first time since I found out I was pregnant! One of Callum's old school friends was in Hove so we first caught up with him and his girlfriend and then went onto our favourite pub to meet another couple.

On Saturday, after getting my hair cut, we went for a wander around the shops and it was largely unsuccessful! This was mainly due to the fact that only TWO Brighton shops stock Maternity wear, and one of those I have already bought most of the stuff they stock!! On our way home, we decided to stop in on the New Look round the corner from our house and I was pleasantly surprised how much stuff I bought (none of which was maternity specifically). 

Here is what I wore for our night out:

Lace Jacket: Next
Lace Top: New Look
Ponte Skirt: ASOS
Bag: Charity shop
Hair cut: The Point.

I'm so glad we stopped in at New Look, because I had really wanted to find something nice to wear out! At first I was skeptical about buying non maternity stuff, however we made sure all the things were extra stretchy, and all of them have plenty more room in them.  

In terms of symptoms, the main things i'm experiencing at the moment are headaches, and really bad sciatica at night time however, generally I feel a lot better so far than I did in the first trimester!!! I've noticed my stamina has decreased quite a lot, I get knackered walking after short distances and if I try to walk at my normal quick pace I end up with pains in my calves and ankles. Otherwise though, I am feeling really positive and healthy and hope it continues for as long as possible. I still have tickets booked for Glastonbury (which will be approximately 3 weeks before EDD), and have yet to decide whether we should still go or not.  I'm going to talk to my midwife about it next appointment, I'd love to and maintain my positive approach, however I think walking will be the main issue at this stage. 

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