Wednesday, 27 March 2013

23 week update

To be honest, I have no idea where i'm up to with my weeks, but figure i'd just post my latest picture although not currently 23 weeks! I think little Baby Grantham has definitely started making her presence both seen, known and felt! I went to see my Midwife Dillie this week and she said I looked like I was carrying a girl as the bump is quite high up.  She said this tends to be the case because girlies tennnnnd to like to lie traverse and high.  She got rather excited, saying I looked really well and was desperate to measure the bump, however she instead decided we shall wait until next time.  She got the instrument out and we got to hear girly's heart a beating again, which was lucky really because five minutes prior I had scared myself shitless by reading an article about stillborn babies! I don't know why I had worried really, this little madam is a wriggler like me! Rather than the average feeling of once a day at this stage, baby Grantham is moving often throughout the day.  This feeling has definitely changed when she kicks, up til now it has been the classic fluttering, however this week it has started to feel more like a punch! I even grabbed Callum to see if he could feel although I'm not sure if he did.  Health wise, i'm carrying on a ok!

Sciatica + Hip and back pain: The main issues continue to be my sciatica which causes hip and back pain mainly at night, this is still carrying on into the day and sitting at my desk has become a pain! I had the first of my Maternity Risk Assessments at work this week and it was so so helpful, as you would expect from a business run by OTs! My manager basically problem solved any possible problem I might come across, preempting issues before they come, so that we are prepared.  A result of that, is that i'm hoping to get a lumbar support and we've also scheduled in that I take regular walks around the block to ease the pain.

Heartburn/Indigestion: My indigestion has increased over the past month, I find that i'm often hiccupy after eating anything and sometimes refluxy.  I have taken rennies on one occasion, although I think I need to get better at doing this most of the time, it would save me so much trouble!

Exhaustion: Generally I think this tends to have improved, although maybe i'm now just used to functioning like it?! Due to afore mentioned sciatica and the fact my cat likes to wake me up by lying on my side at 4am I have not been getting great amounts of sleep, and I tend to find by 2pm i'm no good to anyone! I've got a lot better at pacing myself, which is mainly because i'm making sure I leave enough time to do all the things I HAVE to do. Of an evening I get in from work and do as much housework as I can until I get tired (usually washing up, put the washing on, put washing out , play with cat), I then have a short break and then do very small bits of  tasks (e.g. put clean clothes away), have another break, then do dinner, another break, then make lunch, then go to bed.  Although this sounds depressing, it allows me to function and complete the things I need to.

Mood: I surprise even myself by how good my mood has been during pregnancy til now (touch wood), especially as it was an unexpected surprise at quite frankly bad timing.  I've had a few hiccups along the way but have generally managed to remain focused and positive.  My mindfulness training has been especially helpful in reducing my initial anxieties I was getting constantly; how will we afford everything, my life is over, i'm shitscared to actually give birth/that my baby will be poorly etc etc.  I've since been refocusing my mind to stay present rather than think ahead, but acknowledging those issues and trying to reduce the impact of those as much as possible through preparation.  Alongside this I have tried to tackle the issues practically, for example rather than moaning about the lack of space, I sat and worked out how we could utilize the space and what we needed to buy in order to do that.  By doing that and simple things like buying a bookcase and chest of drawers, I feel happier with myself that I am making a difference to my life rather than sitting and worrying.  Of course, things are only going to get tougher and i'm sure i'll crack at many points!

Breasts: My boobs continue to grow cupwise, so I need to buy more bras! They have also started to leak which is lovely jubbly and not at all embarassing! So i'm now wearing breast pads pretty near constantly.  It's not all that bad though now i'm used to it!

My sister has decided to throw us a Baby Shower, which, I actually wasn't going to bother with, sounds a bit mental to me, alas she insisted and is organising the whole thing.  Plus, I figure it's a great opportunity to get all the people I love in one place before i'm in hibernation for months years!

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