Friday, 12 July 2013

39 Weeks

Great photography skills again, with an intruder added in for good measure!

This week has been a tough one, although from all my moaning I think I make it seem like every week has been! The pains getting out of bed have got even stronger so I can't get out of bed without moaning anymore! Coupled with the fact that the sun has finally decided  to make a semi permanent appearance and you have one grouchy mumma! I have for this reason tried to spend as much of my time in my pants as possible! Having said this, Callum had three days annual leave this week, so it was nice to be able to enjoy the sunshine together! We took a walk into town every day, went to the cinema and went to a few pubs that we had been meaning to visit for some time. On Thursday Callum had a job interview so I spent some time in the sunshine on the Old Steine, even though I was surrounded by foreign students it was quite peaceful and relaxing.  Usually, despite getting up numerous times a night, I sleep fairly well and easily, tending to fall asleep in a matter or minutes, but last night was very odd.  I went to go to bed around midnight, as I usually do, but I felt suddenly really energised and could tell I wasn't going to sleep.  I decided to try to force myself anyway, because I knew I would regret it otherwise.  When I lay down I started feeling some tightening around my pelvis which I had experienced on a smaller scale previously but not as consistently.  I tried not to panic and instead just lay there.  They carried on consistently for five hours but then stopped.  So goodness knows what that was about! COME ON BABY! 


  1. Oooh lovely bump! So close - you must be so excited!

    I'm a new follower from the Friday Chaos Blog Hop :)

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks

  2. awhh thank you:) excited and impatient! xx