Sunday, 1 December 2013

19 weeks update

I think Ophelia is 19 weeks old, but i've lost track of how old she is in weeks to be honest and I just remember her date of birth anniversary!

This kid has developed her personality so much over these weeks since my last update; she is evidently going to be a stubborn, particular, humorous child person!

What has been keeping me happy:

The way:
she stares at you until you smile and then plays a game hiding her face and then smiling again.
she looks at her Dad and I now with such admiration and love.
she watches the cat and smiles or reaches for her.
she reaches for my mug (and spits in it), moaning if I don't let her hold it.  Luckily she has her own sippy cup which work gave us as a gift, so we let her hold that whilst we drink our hot drinks safely!
she holds onto your hair if you put her above your head.
she wakes in the night chatting away then grins when she sees me, and I can't help but smile and laugh at her.
she loves holding onto her books and flicking through them-staring and smiling at the pictures.  Of course they inevitably end up in her mouth too!
she kicks her legs and wiggles her arms still when she is excited.
she laughs when she sees her reflection in the mirror still.
she is less grumpy at bed and wash down time.
she smiles after she poos.
she likes finding her words and gets excited when she discovers new mouth formations-her latest ones are DA and MA but she is also chatting using "th" now.
she smiles (almost) every night when I lay her down in her gro bag ready for bed.   
she is spitting up her milk far far less and thus needs less burping.
she continues to be so active and always wants to be on the move and doing something.

Fuelling the downwards smiles:
The way:
For numerous weeks she woke at least 3 times a night and stayed up for an hour at a time.
She still mostly refuses to nap more than two lots of 20minutes so then gets over tired and is a grump monster.
She seems to have increased the amount of clothing she destroys due to her bodily functions.
She still likes to put her legs in it ^
She is harder to burp since able to sit on her own.
She dislikes sitting in her chair or playing independently at the moment, which is annoying when I have things I need to do without holding her.  

So really the downsides aren't all that bad! The last few nights she has only woken once in the night and then woken at her normal 6am wake up for the  day-i'm really hoping this continues! We decided to start giving her a bottle of formula in the middle of the day as well as her usual one at bedtime, not only because of her weight and me feeling like I wasn't producing enough milk, but ready for my return to work and keep in touch days.  I have my first keeping in touch day next week which should be interesting, it sounds like they're all mighty stressed and the place is falling apart!  

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