Friday, 6 December 2013

My idea of the perfect Christmas day

After years of driving between between the many parents' homes on Christmas day, this year we have decided to have Christmas as our family of 4-our  first one as a family of 4! Some might see this as depressing/anti social/insert opinion here but it makes the most sense for us and I cannot wait! Don't get me wrong, I love our families but it has always been pretty tiring stretching ourselves so thinly and I just can't imagine how much more difficult that would be with a five month old too! Last year Christmas was so close to perfect but i'm hoping this year will be even more so and here are the components that make up a perfect Christmas for me:

  • Waking up to these two faces and Ophelia 
  • Starting the day in our traditional way with a flute of Bucks fizz.
  • Mum's amazing stuffing! My mum really does make the perfect stuffing- filled to the brim with carrots, chesnuts, garlic and thyme. I would be quite happy just eating this by the bucket load on Christmas day! Mum kindly made us a batch up for our little Christmas last year and has already said she'll do the same this year .

  • Spending most (if not all) of the day in my pjamas and dressing gown! I really am most comfortable in my pjamas and love the fact I could potentially not have to get out of them all day!
  • Popping on our favourite Christmas films (Arthur Christmas and Rare Exports). 
  •  Relaxing in front of the Christmas tree with only the twinkling fairy lights for light. 
  • Finishing the day with a glass of wine and cheese and crackers!
What does your perfect version of the day look like? 

 Merry Christmas! This is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 days of Christmas competition to win a PS4-Fingers crossed! 


  1. Sounds lovely! And the stuffing looks amazing!

  2. This does sound perfect! Much better than stressing yourself out and driving around all day. We spend a mellow day with my in-laws and I try to avoid all travel that time of year :)