Friday, 20 December 2013

5 months old update!

I think this month has been my favourite month to date! This kiddo's personality just gets bigger and bigger! Her expressions are just hilarious, having now developed a frown and "WTF?!" expression-which she seems to like to flick between very quickly! Just before bedtime we all danced around to Christmas songs which she absolutely loved!

Sleep: Generally she goes to bed between 6pm and 7pm then has been staying asleep until at least 4:30am.  On a good night she even goes up until 5:40am/6am.  A few nights ago she stirred and awoke about three separate times, soon after going down but I have a feeling this may have been due to her teeth hurting.  She also now mostly goes to sleep straight after I put her down in her cot (only moaning very occasionally for a short time!)- If you have been reading this blog since she was born, you will know what a MASSIVE achievement this is!  After all the previous techniques laying the path to success, adding to this, I find it helps when I put her down in her cot soon after her cues telling me she is tired but before she gets TOO tired-that way she now soothes herself to sleep with ease.

Feeding: Four weeks ago we swapped one of her feeds (lunch time) to formula and this has made such a difference to her behaviour, sleep and hunger.  I took her to be weighed this week and she is in the right centile and always has been so it turns out! She is just below the 25th centile so is likely to be petiteite like me! In terms of what she's having, it's probably half breast and half formula at the moment.  We will probably increase to another formula feed in the next few weeks- after having a discussion with the health visitor we shall do the first feed of the day.  The Health visitor recommended to do this one, because she said that eventually you wean them down to just three meals a day; so the aim would be to keep this one and drop the mid morning feed.  


Development: Physically she has got a lot longer-I notice this especially when she sits up on my lap now-she'll be taller than me before I know it (not hard!).  Her gripping skills have developed further; she is now able to pick up and hold items (then drop them whenever she wants to!-I have lost my keys this way numerous times!).  She loves to reach out with her hand to touch everything and anything, when she does she does this weird scrunchy thing (which usually destroys whatever she is touching!) which I think is her discovering different textures and feeling the world around her.  The pattern she follows is usually; spot something she wants to explore, reach forward/jerk towards said item til she can touch it, reaches hand to it, pick it up, put in mouth!   Her other favourite thing to do is to grab her mobile as I get her out of her cot and bring it with her! I put her cot straight on the lowest setting but she can now reach up and touch it when laying in bed. She is now able to roll in a controlled way, e.g. she'll go from sitting and roll onto her front and then pick her head up.   She continues to want to touch (grab) Inara, poor Inara has been pulled a little bit, but has been SO tolerant with it and actually allows her to touch her now-how far she has come!

I can see why people say you lose years quickly with children-these five months have definitely been the quickest I can remember.

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