Sunday, 28 April 2013

28 Week update

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Ola! So here we are, somewhere nearing the 30 week mark (i've lost count), eeek!   Things have got tougher on the olde bod of late:

Aches and pains:
The numbness in my hips and legs has continued and has now developed into cramp in my right calf, so that everyday I am awoken by it at 4am...or maybe that's the baby and cat waking me up?  My back ache has got worse, so now it hurts if I do anything for a certain period of time.  For example, at work sitting at the computer it aches and at home I don't have to do much washing up before the ache takes over.

Needing the toilet:
This has probably stayed roughly the same, I generally need to go once during the night although this tends to correlate with my cat waking me up! During the day I go fairly regularly, but I don't feel like it is impeding!

My first trimester I found I went through a stage of being put off food but when I entered the second trimester this seemed to diminish.  It seems to have returned and I am finding my apetite has both decreased and I find it hard to bring myself to actually want any of the food I have planned.  I continue to love fruit though!

I don't think they have grown much more recently, not that I've noticed anyway. 

A few weeks ago this was ridiculously bad and this last week I have been suffering with IBS type symptoms again, which is the first time its been this bad since before I was pregnant.

My tiredness fluctuates; last week I found it hard to do anything at all, whether it was work or just attempting to do anything once in from work.  Incidentally, this seemed to correlate with my body deciding to then not be able to sleep when I tried to! How unhelpful! This week, I have found it slightly more manageable in that I have managed to do a few household tasks when i have got in from work. 

The last few weeks I've had clients asking when she is due and people at work saying "Haven't you suddenly popped out recently!" so it seems I have become more obviously pregnant now, rather than just looking fat! I think the midwife is going to measure the bump this week and i'm hoping she'll weigh me so we have an idea of if I am on track or bigger than I should be!

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