Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Changing bags

Thanks to my new favourite Mummy blog ohsoamelia.com I have just stumbled across a great website where I am now lusting over changing bags! I think changing bags are completely overpriced, but equally I want something that makes it easy for me to grab the things I need. I was originally going to make one using my A Bag For All Reasons book, but I fear time will not be on my side.  I did try a search for cheaper alternatives but still something I like, alas no such luck on there!

Pink Lining website

This beauty is probably top of my wishlist, at £60 it is cheaper than CK alternatives and I really love the pattern!

I also like this bag, however pink is not particularly my colour and I dislike the fact it alienates men who might do the nappy change!

So what about you? Are you as picky as me with changing bags? Where did you get yours from? Or did you just use one of the free ones?  


  1. My neighbour is having a baby late next month (i hope) and has asked me to make a changing bag for her - i had thought it would be easy, but having seen a radley one my mum bought as a holiday bag (don't ask!!!!) I think I might be a little out of my comfort zone!

  2. EEEEK! Well done you, taking on the tasK! I hope it goes well! xxx

  3. I love pink lining :)

    I am a new follower and love your blog, always great to find other UK mums who blog.


  4. We brought a yummymummy one and have literally used it every single day since Maisie was born nearly 14 months ago now. It seems like a lot of money but the pockets, the changing mat and the wet bag that comes with it have all been lifesavers at some point or another. We had a free one - used it once and the strap fell off then the zip broke.
    Maybe I'm biased but it hasn't broken, ripped, fallen apart and still looks great - surviving the great march sick, December bottom burps and other equally messy issues.

  5. Awhh thanks Kerry, let me know your other favs! Thanks Lydia, that is such useful info! Especially if it survived your traumatic life events and came out the other side! xx