Saturday, 1 June 2013

33 week update

Ever nearing D-Day!Today I'm 33+4 or thereabouts.


The nausea from Trimester 1 seems to have returned in this last week and i've been particularly struggling with waking up with sick in my how glamorous! I think this links nicely onto...

Indigestion: Up until now, I have had indigestion but have pretty much tried not to take anything for it.  Don't ask me why! I had bought a few packs of rennie but only took them if I really felt like it was getting bad.  This week though, I decided I needed to take the plunge to more regular remedy because it has really upped its anty! Apart from aforementioned sick in mouth in the middle of the night, I have also been getting reflux after most meals so yesterday I went to Boots and bought some of their own brand of gaviscon.  It really is rank.  Apart from the fact that the taste is awful (ainiseed), I find the consistency really hard to swallow! It does however, seem to lessen the reflux to a more manageable level.

Sleep: I had been really struggling with getting comfortable to sleep, and I still go through phases of this.  However, the last few days I SEEM to have been getting more consistent sleep and less cramp, I think this has been coupled with the fact my cat has been ridiculously well behaved these few days, letting us sleep for three hours solid in the wee hours.  I cannot tell you how much this has been appreciated! It sounds so stupid but I have really been trying to praise her for this, because for the last few weeks we have had to lock her out of our bedroom as she starts clawing the new cupboard in order to get our attention. 

Toilet habits: I think i've been fairly lucky with my need to pee.  I usually need to go once or sometimes twice during the night, but generally have found it manageable. In terms of bowel habits, I have been quite lucky and not had any constipation.  My midwife attributes this to my ridiculously healthy eating habits which I also had pre pregnancy.  So it really does pay to eat healthy!

Aches and pains: The back pain seems to have decreased slightly since I bought a bump support off Steph.  I still find the back pain is worse when I sit or stand in the same position for a period of time but I seem to be able tolerating standing longer than I could last week (helpful for the washing up!).  I also notice the weight of the bump more now when I stand, when I was in Tesco earlier I found myself holding my hands underneath it to support it, which seemed to help.

Movement: The last two weeks her movements were really big and creepy, cue sticking out bits left right and centre.  She always seemed to be like this at 6pm and 10pm, but this last week she seems to have calmed down a bit and I notice that she seems to just settle in a position which sticks out for a few hours and doesn't move so much.

Headaches:  These last few days my headaches have returned a bit, mostly at a level I can stand and I wonder if it is just because of the hot weather.

Size: I'm not sure if the bump has grown all that much in the last few weeks, looking at pictures it doesn't really seem that way.  Lots of people have said to me this week that it looks like the bump has dropped or that i'm going to give birth at any second...hopefully neither of these is true!

The heat is already starting to have an impact on me though, although having said that, i'm never very good in the hot weather! SO if anyone has any tips on what to wear in hot weather when heavily pregnant, they would be much appreciated!

Name list update:
Meredith Ramona
Olive Ramona
Zelda Ramona
Ofelia Ramona

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