Saturday, 29 June 2013

Momymoo changing bag!

You may remember I mentioned in a previous post here that I was uhmming and ahhing about whether to invest in a changing bag.  I kinda decided why bother and so had packed my floral satchel ready to take to hospital.  This bag is the only bag I already had that I thought would suffice, although it couldn't fit everything in it and I was concerned the bag was going to break within one use!

Callum and I had a look around for "normal" bags that could be used as changing bags, or would make do as one at least, without breaking the bank! We looked in outdoor clothing shops, and Callum spied a reasonably price rucksack but I was concerned about having the depth and having to dig to the bottom/take everything out to get to stuff at the bottom.  All whilst a dirty baby is in the public toilet waiting for a clean bottom?! No thanks.

I then started looking at messenger style bags and was edging towards an Eastpak, mostly because they were boy friendly, reasonably priced and look spacious. But I still had this underlying feeling that I wasn't quite happy, so I just kept waiting. 

In the meantime, I had been made aware that TKMAXX are good for OIOI and other branded changing bags but at a fraction of the usual cost, unfortunately my local TKMAXX (Brighton) had not stocked changing bags or baby stuff, so I was left to simply dream.  That is, until I heard about a new store opening; SURELY they would have to include a baby section?!

A text from Lauren confirmed my wildest dreams and my changing bag dreams were re-awakened and I trundled/waddled (with four wee stops) my way into town to investigate.  This was disguised cleverly by the fact we needed two 1.0 tog gro bags and Lauren told me they had them in TKMAXX.
 So, what did I come away with?  This beauty:

changing bag

 A Momymoo premium lulu changing bag (grey flowers)-for half the price of the other changing bags that I liked on the market.  I only got it 24 hours ago and I am already so much happier! When I transferred the contents from the original hospital bag to this one, I immediately noticed how much spare space I still had! Anyway, as I say, it is still early days but maybe further down the line i'll go into more detail about it. 

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  1. Love this bag, so colourful xx

    1. It is isnt it! Def worth looking in unexpected places! x

  2. That's a lovely bag! I'm still using the Boots freebie 18 months later! Haha xo

    1. Well done you! Everyone I know found it broke after the first use?! xx