Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Unisex Baby Shower!

 That's right-this weekend it was time for my "baby shower", but not just  any baby shower! One where boys attended! I am not great in social situations that involve lots of organising or me being the centre of attention, so you can imagine my reaction to my sister organisinb a Baby shower! I decided that it was only fair Callum had to come too because lets be honest, it's his kid too after all! Plus we have lots of male friends who are big parts of our day. On that topic, I get a bit confused when people start quoting gender stereotypes at me "isnt it only meant to be women? !" and watching peoples' faces when I make decisions that don't conform with the "norm" is always intriguing to me!  Why, just because that's what happens normally or has done in the past, is it so baffling for people to imagine things outside thst conformity? ! Anyway,  I think having boys there added a greater atmosphere and dynamic that really made the day what it was! Maybe that's just a reflection of my personality type.

It was a great day and both of us came away with hearts filled with love and a feeling that we might actually be able to do this! We are so lucky to have these people in our lives and will never know how to begin to repay them.

My sister really did amazingly in the whole organisation! She got a baby shower pack off ebay which included table covers, hanging decorations, cups, plates, napkins and balloons.  She also set up games including guess the bump size,guess the baby food,  guess the date the baby will come and a quiz including some really difficult questions! Hilariously my friend's eight year old won the quiz and the prize was a massive jar of mixed sweets!  The other prizes included what to expect when you're expecting and due date. One of the boys was worryingly good at all the games!


We were lucky to receive very generous gifts and all with such thought! Callum's mum focused on things for us, including chocolates,  coffee, cooking books and not forgetting tuna for Inara! She also got us a gorgeous baby book which we have started to fill in.

 As always, my most appreciated things were the creations of talented people in my lives; hand knitted blanket, headbands and a purple cardigan from varying lovely people. I love the colours of the blanket and cannot believe the time and effort people have dedicated to us. I just want to be able to repay them somehow!  My friend got us a gorgeous print from a craft fair we attended a few weeks ago and I can't wait til baby has her own room and we can put it in there.

Lastly, the food! Oh my the food! I should've known better than to leave my sister and mum in charge of food, and hearing that they had gone to cash and carry I knew they would've gone overboard!

So there we have it! That was our baby shower.  Did you have a baby shower? Have you ever been to a baby shower before?

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  1. Awh you were utterly spoilt!! You're right, we had matching cups AND tablecloth ;) blue for me though!!