Friday, 4 October 2013

11 week update

The highs:

  • The ever increasing regularity and variation of smiles; wide, smirky and with twinkly eyes.
  • Delighted squeals.
  • Her clasping her hands together.
  • Using both hands to pull her bib/top over her face so she can put it in her mouth.
  • Using her mouth to explore her surroundings; this week saw her put Sophie Le Giraffe in her mouth. 
    Sophie Le Giraffe
  • Conscious/focused grabbing: She has been grabbing things for a while but she now does so with more intent and purpose, for example today she held onto Sophie Le Giraffe all the way into town and back.  
  • This morning when she woke up and didn't cry! She instead spent a few minutes babbling and enjoying her mobile. 
  • Inara and Ophelia playing nicely on the sofa; Ophelia was kicking Inara's tail a little bit but Inara tolerated it!
  •  She now rolls onto her tummy which is usually a result of her being in her red cushion and her desire to nose at other things around her.
  • The other night I heard her fussing a little bit so asked Callum "just to check" she hadn't kicked her blanket off, because this is usually how she wakes up in the night.  Much to our amusement, Ophelia had pushed herself far up so she was nowhere near her blanket and was also diagonally in her cot! Since then we have been putting her in gro bags!

The lows:
  •   Far too many long days involving a lot of screaming/crying for no good reason.  Reasons so far appear to have been; waking up (!), being overtired, a desire to be in a different position (!), a desire to look out the window, an annoyance that the car seat cover is up when being pushed around (!) and lastly but most understandably...wind.  
  • Her lung capacity evidently increasing and with it, her cry volume!
  • A few weeks of stubborn burbing!
Again, far more highs than lows (although it might not have felt that way!).  


  1. How did you find the sophie giraffe ? Ive ordered one for my little boy x

    1. We love Sophie le Giraffe! Ophelia is now over 4 months and still loves her! xx