Monday, 7 October 2013

Cot accessories

Now Ophelia is sleeping in her own cot bed, we've been decking it out to make her feel cosy and comfy.  We bought a mobile from Toyrsus which is this one

Hop Hip Hooray mobile

Ophelia didn't like it at first and it actually seemed to make her cry (?!) but now she likes it! We put it on whilst changing her on the changing mat and most of the time she seems to like it, and the other day I caught her giggling and babbling to the mobile after she woke up.  It attaches to the cot side with ease and has a wind up feature which turns the mobile and plays the music, I much prefer this material one to the plastic mobiles!

We also have the Birdy Bear attached to the rails which is from Little bird told me.  There is so much I love about this! When I opened it the first thing that struck me was the gorgeously bright colours and the quaint packaging.  I'm always really excited by baby products that are original because the tradional/sickly designs of things get a bit tedious after a while!
Birdy Bear Musical Pull Toy

It all feels so well made; from the fluffy, cute owl with crinkly feel wings to the felt which attaches the toy to the rails.  But get this! Not only does it attach to the cot, it can be attached to nearly anything you want it to be; pram, play gym, car seat.  Apart from the appealing textures, it also has a pull down feature which then plays a tune, I can imagine Ophelia will particularly like this feature when she is able to pull it herself.

 What are your favourite cot accessories?

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