Sunday, 20 October 2013

Birdy Bear review

Birdy Bear cot accessory

As I previously mentioned, a recent addition to Ophelia's cot is the Birdy Bear which we currently only use on the cot.  Ophelia appeared a bit perplexed by it when it first appeared on the side of her cot but she now seems to like it.  I even caught her smiling and giggling at it when she woke up the other morning.  When changing her on the over cot changing mat, I often pull the cord to make the tune play and I think the tune is growing on her too.   Once the tune begins, there is approximately 30 seconds of song before you need to pull it again.  I would say that personally this length is slightly too short and could be lengthened to keep the child interested for longer.  I don't tend to use it before putting her to bed or in the morning because I don't want her to think of the cot or bed time as playing.  Due to the attachment, it hangs off the side of the cot, and at the moment I don't think Ophelia is old enough to appreciate it fully, she is much more engaged with the mobile that hangs above her head, although I do think the mirror and colours grab her attention.  I do think however, that this will change as she gets a little older and explores her surroundings more, I can especially see her reaching for it soon and in the future, pulling to turn the song on, herself.  I can really see us getting use out of it for many months to come.

As I mentioned before, the Birdy Bear can also go on the pram but I haven't used it on there because she already has quite a lot to play with on there.  But it could go on there and come off again so easily thanks to the felt and velcro, which makes it a great multi purpose toy and value for money.  

I also have my eye on this beauty:
This gorgeous rocking horse is called Doodle (and crumb); I love the colours and style and although out of my price range, I think it would make a really nice present for several people to club together to buy.

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